I am Vivien Giraud

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Name: Vivien Giraud

Profile: Python/FastAPI/Django/Flask developer

Email: freelance@viviengiraud.fr

Phone: +33(0)


Python 90%
Django (incl. DRF) 85%
FastAPI 85%
Flask 70%
AWS 80%
HTML Portfolio with Bootstrap 5%

About me

Hello, I'm Vivien, a seasoned Python developer with over a decade of experience in crafting scalable web applications and APIs using Django, Flask, and FastAPI.
My journey began with embedded systems, which paved the way for my transition into web development and a passion for backend architectures.

As an entrepreneur, I've founded multiple startups:

  • Tridea: A trailblazer in online travel, specializing in self-connecting technology to revolutionize the way we fly. (dead)
  • Web To Store: An innovative SaaS platform empowering merchants to set up a Click & Collect service in under 15 minutes. (dead)
  • Streem: A cutting-edge Jukebox 4.0, transforming how users interact with playlists in various venues. (dead)
  • RappelRadar.fr: Be alerted as soon as a consumer recall occurs on one of your purchases. (active)
  • PromoPeers.com.fr: Empowering influencers to seamlessly share affiliate links and exclusive promo codes, while enabling followers to effortlessly discover and track the best deals. (active)

Currently, I'm channeling my expertise into authoring an e-book designed to teach Python to children, drawing on my extensive experience in Internet site development, IT infrastructure, team and project management, and business leadership.
As a freelancer, I bring robust skills in Python 3, Django, Flask, DRF, and FastAPI, underpinned by my certification as an Amazon Cloud Practitioner and prowess in Terraform.
Beyond my freelance ventures, I'm passionate about education, lecturing at engineering schools across France on topics such as Test-Driven Development (TDD), Python, Django, Flask, FastAPI, Object-Oriented Programming, and more.

Let's connect and explore how my background can contribute to your success!

My field of expertise

In my field of expertise, I excel at developing high-quality, scalable Python applications. With a strong foundation in back-end development, I specialize in creating efficient back-end functionalities. My proficiency extends to cloud-based solutions, leveraging AWS services to design and deploy scalable, secure, and robust applications. My approach is always client-centric, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of your business.

Python Development

Specializing in Python development, I offer comprehensive solutions ranging from simple scripts to complex web applications. My expertise encompasses developing robust back-end systems with Django, creating efficient APIs with FastAPI, and crafting lightweight applications with Flask. My approach is always to write clean, efficient, and maintainable code, ensuring scalability and performance.

Flask to FastAPI upgrade

With profound experience in both Flask and FastAPI, I provide seamless upgrade services from Flask to FastAPI. This transition offers enhanced performance, better request handling, and asynchronous programming capabilities, making your applications faster and more efficient. I focus on minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition, keeping your business objectives and technical requirements in mind.


Certified Amazon Cloud Practitioner offering expert AWS services. Specialize in EC2, S3, RDS, and serverless architectures with Lambda. Focus on cost-efficient, secure, scalable cloud solutions and serverless computing. Experienced in network management with VPC and disaster recovery strategies.

API Development and Integration

Specializing in ApPI development and integration, I deliver robust and scalable solutions that connect disparate systems and applications. With extensive experience in creating efficient APIs using Django Rest Framework (DRF) and FastAPI, I ensure seamless data exchange and integration. My focus is on building APIs that are not only powerful but also intuitive and easy to use, facilitating smooth communication between front-end and back-end systems. Whether it's RESTful services or GraphQL, my approach is tailored to meet your unique business requirements, emphasizing security, reliability, and performance.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Expert in Cloud Infrastructure Design, focusing on scalable, secure architectures. Proficient in load balancing, auto-scaling, and cloud security. Utilize Terraform for efficient infrastructure as code, ensuring resilient, future-proof, and cost-effective cloud solutions.

Marketing Services

While my primary focus is on Python development, I also understand the importance of digital marketing in promoting web applications. I collaborate with marketing professionals to ensure that the products I develop are not only technically sound but also market-ready, integrating SEO best practices and analytics to track and enhance user engagement.


Compagnies I've worked with.

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Python/FastAPI/Django/Flask developer / 1 Apr. 2024
L'Oréal's logo


Python Developer / Aug. 2023 - Dec. 2023
Powens logo

Powens (ex Budget-Insight)

FastAPI Developer / Nov. 2022 - Jun. 2023
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WeeFin / 18 Sep. 2018
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Alma / 18 Sep. 2018
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Saint Gobain

Django Developper / 18 Sep. 2018